Monday, January 20, 2014

The Mexican Way Of Nightclubbing

Hot on the heels of their penchant for violence after sporting events, Mexicans are also claiming the title for violence around nightclubs.  In this case it was immigrant-on-immigrant violence, Mexican v. Asians.

MailOnline January 20, 2014
Young Woman Arrested For Beating And Kicking To Death 'Beautiful And Eloquent' 23-Year-Old After Argument Outside Nightclub

Police have arrested a female suspect in connect with the death of a 23-year-old woman who was brutally beaten as she waited in line outside a California club on Saturday night.
The victim, identified by friends as Kim Pham, was declared brain dead following the attack in Santa Ana in the early hours of Saturday and relatives told KTLA on Monday that she had passed away.
The suspect hasn't been named, but is described as in her 20s and has been arrested for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and causing great bodily harm.
'Two or three of the female suspects knocked her to the ground, were physically assaulting her and kicking her, and they fled the scene,' Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna told KABC.
CBS Los Angeles reported that a bouncer tried to break up the fight but was unable to. When the assailants ran away, Pham was left unconscious on the ground.
She was rushed to hospital and listed in extremely critical condition, but on Sunday, her sister wrote on her Facebook page that doctors had confirmed Pham was brain dead...
Bertagna added that authorities were looking for 'a group of five individuals that are only described as three females, two males, all Hispanic between 20 and 25 years of age'.

Most likely Pham was a contributor to society, as Asians less likely than Hispanics to be on welfare, but it does give lie to the myth of the unity of people of color.  It does tell us that Mexicans are a violent, cowardly, and brutish people willing to stomp a woman to death.  It is also time for Asians to get in the immigration fight unless they want to be stomped to death in the streets by other immigrants in the name of racial solidarity.

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Terra Gray said...

thats true, but not all mexicans are violent, thats a really false statement. however, there are some that are violent, just like some asians are violent. im black and iknow there are alot of black people, but that was a very stereotype comment. and correction. not all mexicans are immigrants. why would you even make those racist comment. this is a very sad case. i man it should not have taken 5 people, 2 of them bing guys, to beat a women brain dead. i dont even like hearing about things of this nature, but hey, things like this often happen. i cant believe they stomped heer, kicked her, and killed her. they need to be executed, they need to suffer, hay, they even need lethal injection, so they can suffer a slow death like she did, if u see someone on the ground, dont kick them, they are already weaker then you because they are obviously on the ground, but then you keep going? this is very sick and disturbing.