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ICE SVU Bitching Itself Out Also To The NFL

And not arresting illegal aliens, but U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU), also know as ICE Homeland Security Investigations, is concerned about the mythical and unicorn like "trafficked" alien prostitutes. Especially interesting in that there are hundreds of thousands of alien prostitutes in the United States, but they are overwhelmingly working voluntarily. And by bitching itself out, I mean in the prison sense where an inmate sells himself to another inmate for sexual favors and plays the "female" in a relationship, as there is no benefit to ICE SVU by cracking down on counterfeit National Football League (NFL) merchandise.

First, the myth:

Reason January 26, 2014 by Maggie McNeill 
The Mythical Invasion of the Super Bowl Hookers 
Together, these two factors may be the origin of one of the stranger (yet more persistent) myths of our time: the idea that some Lost Tribe of Gypsy Harlots, tens of thousands strong, wanders about the world from mega-event to mega-event, unimpeded by the usual logistics of transport and lodging which should make the migration of such a large group a daunting task indeed.
The legend seems to have first appeared in conjunction with the 2004 Olympics in Athens. That’s telling because, though the rebranding of sex work as "sex trafficking" was already underway in prohibitionist circles in the late 1990s, the moral panic seems to have begun in earnest in January of 2004. In the months before the Olympics Athenian officials went through the usual cleansing procedure, raiding brothels for largely bogus violations of zoning restrictions. A Greek sex workers’ union complained that by making it difficult to work in legal brothels the city would increase illegal prostitution, and this was twisted by European prohibitionists into "Athens is encouraging sex tourism." 
By the end of the year, the growing “anti-trafficking” movement was using bad stats to claim that “sex trafficking increased by 95 percent during the Olympics.” Within a few months, anti-sex worker groups made the bizarre prediction that approximately 40,000 women would be “trafficked” into Germany for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Of course, nothing of the kind happened. Despite increased police actions (including raids on 71 brothels), the German authorities only came up with five cases of exploitation they believed to be linked to the event. The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, which closely investigated the myth in its 2011 report “What’s the Cost of a Rumour?”, was unable to find a credible source for the “40,000” figure; it seems to have simply been made up. But it has doggedly persisted since then, accompanying virtually every major sporting event including the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and the 2012 Olympics in London. Despite massive police crackdowns (costing about £500,000 in London), no significant increase in prostitution (coerced or otherwise) has ever been found during these large events. 
By 2008, the myth reached the United States, where it became attached to the Super Bowl (taking the place, perhaps, of the fading but equally spurious claim that domestic violence skyrockets on the day of the game). The story in Phoenix that year largely took the form of police statements that they had “received…warnings about an increase in prostitution and [were] prepared for it,” but by the following year police and other officials in Tampa had turned the rumor into a campaign…which bagged exactly one quarry, a 14-year-old pimped by two rather clueless individuals on Craigslist under the heading “Super Bowl Special” (a detail regularly repeated as part of the prohibitionist catechism since then). 
The Florida Department of Children and Families supposedly "rescued" 24 other people (though this is unsubstantiated). But that number pales beside the grandiosity of the claims that "'tens of thousands of people'—most of them young girls—[were] sold into the sex trade during Miami’s Super Bowl in 2010." Miami was the first instance of the full-blown circus-like hype which has characterized the buildup to the game in subsequent years, where members of “anti-trafficking” groups descend in droves upon the host city to “raise awareness” and “rescue victims”.

Of course, though, ICE SVU is on the case, but not to arrest the alien prostitutes and deport them, but reward them eventually with green cards as crime victims.

Fox News January 29, 2014 by Cristina Corbin 
$20M And Counting: Feds Tackle Counterfeit Goods Ahead Of Super Bowl 
The feds have already set a Super Bowl record -- by seizing some $20 million worth of phony gear smuggled in from all over the world as Sunday's game approaches.
Fake tickets good enough to gain entry to MetLife Stadium, knock-off jerseys and even sex workers descending on the biggest event in American sports are all on the radar of the Department of Homeland Security. The agency has set up a 24-hour operation at JFK airport, where they are confiscating loads of unlicensed Super Bowl paraphernalia in advance of Sunday's game, has learned. 
"We have seized upwards of $20 million worth of counterfeit merchandise, most of which is related to the Super Bowl," said Special Agent in Charge James T. Hayes of Homeland Security in New York.  "We've executed 11 arrests so far and expect to make more in the coming days."  
Hayes said investigators have confiscated "thousands of pieces" of illegal merchandise, sent mostly from Asian countries like China. The fraudulent items include hats, jerseys and T-shirts made to look like they are officially endorsed by the National Football League for this year's Super Bowl game between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos as MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

Of course, ICE SVU is still looking for mythical trafficked prostitutes as well.

DHS  is also investigating cases of alleged human trafficking in which women and minors are crossing state lines to work as prostitutes during game weekend. Mendie said DHS has already identified suspects and plans to execute arrests "in the next few days." 
"We are seeing an influx of people being trafficked to the area," Mendie said. "This is always a problem that we constantly work to eradicate." 
Hayes said DHS has reached out to at least 20 hotels in the New York City area about how to identify "signs of a person being trafficked or held against their will."

However, Special Agent in Charge James T. Hayes lets the cat out of the bag, admitting that there are no unicorns, ehr, trafficked prostitutes:

Hayes said most cases involve women over 18 and under who are foreign nationals -- sometimes unaware of U.S. law and often from countries "where law enforcement isn’t trusted."

Clearly, if they are over 18, and "unaware of U.S. law" that does not make them trafficked, it makes them women who have freely chosen "the life."  Perhaps Hayes should start doing his job of arresting illegal aliens.  The State of New York has 625,000 illegal aliens.  There is plenty of real work for Hayes to do rather than chase after unicorns.

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