Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mexican Colonists Looking For More Welfare

The cultural Marxists always deny that welfare is a magnet for immigrants, but the facts are otherwise and Obamacare is another example.  Millions in taxpayer dollars are even being spent by community organizers to find and assist immigrants, both legal and illegal, to navigate the Obamacare debacle.

NYT by Alexa Ura February 22, 2014
Trying To Help Thousands In Colonias Obtain Health Coverage
EDINBURG — Sitting at an old picnic table in front of a dilapidated house, María Díaz, a hotel housekeeper, tells stories of the rejection that comes with living in impoverished Texas colonias.
The trash on her street is not picked up regularly, so she is used to a wretched smell at night when her neighbors burn their garbage. There is no drainage system on her block, so Ms. Díaz, a 44-year-old single mother of four, is accustomed to heavy flooding on her street when it rains.
As she looks into buying private health insurance under the federal Affordable Care Act, which requires most people to obtain coverage in 2014, Ms. Díaz is facing a new type of rejection:. She probably does not make enough money to qualify for tax credits to afford coverage through the federal health insurance marketplace.
Thousands of residents of Texas’ colonias along the United States-Mexico border are in similar situations after falling into the “coverage gap” created when Texas’ Republican leadership declined to expand Medicaid eligibility for poor adults under the A.C.A., saying Medicaid was a broken system. Living in unincorporated subdivisions, where the uninsured rate is between 50 and 80 percent, colonia residents may be largely left with little hope of obtaining coverage.

The colonias are shameful.  Shameful in that we allow these areas mostly inhabited by illegal aliens to establish themselves here and recreate the poverty from whence they came only to benefit the Slave Power and the brown racists in their United Farm Workers t-shirts.  Importing poverty is the result of the current immigration policy of family reunification and the end of interior enforcement of immigration law.  Which gives us in the end Maria Diaz living in a slum at government expense all so a hotel owner can have a cheap maid.

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