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In The Bad News Department: More Foreigners And Less Sex

Some months ago this blog reported on an ethno-state that works, the Land of the Rising Sun.  Japan is a nation that looks out for itself and its people, where the young, poor, and middle-classes have a real chance through hard work and common sense to prosper without have their jobs bid out to millions of aliens both legal and illegal to benefit the Slave Power.  Life for the majority of Japanese was never easy, Japan was always a poor nation until its industrialization in the 19th century and the peasant and urban classes were always literally in fear of their lives from the samurai class who held the power of death over subordinate classes.  Of course, the high IQ Japanese realized this could not go on in an industrial society and they adapted socially.  However, Japan at that time as well as today had a concept of itself as Japanese.  Unfortunately though, some Western innovations, such as birth control, were areas where Japan did not utilize its high IQ.  Soon after the Second World War, Japan was caught up in a Malthusian based fear of overpopulation that was supported by the American occupation authorities.  The result was a steadily declining birth rate that is having serious consequences today as Japan rapidly ages.

As an aside, I remember an anthropology professor at the 3rd tier California State University I attended who was quite full of himself for celebrating both Japanese supposed open attitude to sex prior to the war and their embrace of abortion as birth control after the war.  Interestingly enough the Japanese population decline occurred without oral contraceptives, but was and is abortion based.  Of course my 3rd tier anthropology professor's stories about Japanese village sexual activities of young unmarried people was really his childish attempt to epater la bourgeoisie by imitating Margaret Mead rather than any serious review of rural sexual practices in Japan, more in line with the lies in Coming of Age in Samoa, than any serious ethnographic work.  This professor also enthusiastically endorsed Japan's efforts at population control after the war.  Of course, there did not seem to be a problem in the immediate aftermath when things were bad or when Japan led the world decades later in production of autos and electronics.  What he did not tell his students circa the 1980s was that village youths who got pregnant then got married and bore children.  Which is supposed to be how the whole sex thing works out.  Of course, he was appealing to horny young adults looking for an endorsement of the sexual revolution.  He was unable to see the day when Japan would not have enough children to take care of their parents.

However, the below replacement level of the population has developed into a real problem and makes this writer's former professor at a 3rd tier state university look real bad and things are getting worse:

Business Insider By Megan Willet October 21, 2013
Almost Half Of Young Japanese Women Are Not Interested In Sex
A new report from The Guardian's Abigail Haworth quotes a shocking statistic from the Japan Family Planning Association (JFPA) that 45% of Japanese women aged 16-24 "were not interested in or despised sexual contact."
Twenty-five percent of Japanese men feel the same way, according to the JFPA.
The statistic comes from Haworth's recent article about how more and more young people in Japan have stopped having sex — bad news for Japan's population crisis, given the country's already low birth rate and the projection that its population of 126 million is expected to plunge 30% by 2060.

And the problem is about to get worse.  Japanese politicians are looking to immigrants, rather than their own people for the solution.

The Japan Times March 26, 2014
Japan’s Ruling Party Calls For More Foreign Workers
A panel of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party issued an interim report Wednesday calling on the government to boost the number of foreign workers in the country.
To accomplish this, the Headquarters for Japan’s Economic Revitalization is pushing for improvements in the on-the-job training program for people from developing countries and regions.

However, the Japanese appear willing and able to limit the impact of immigration by keeping it in strict bounds.

Introduced in 1993, the program currently allows foreign workers to receive job training in Japan for up to three years.
The panel’s report calls for allowing such stays to be extended by about two years if both employer and trainee are willing.
The panel proposed making it easier for foreign workers to re-enter Japan and making the job training program more convenient for employers.
The panel believes it necessary to make more use of skilled foreign workers because Japan’s working-age population is declining.
The report adds that active discussions should be held on allowing non-Japanese to work in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors for short periods, and as household helpers.

It appears that the Japanese have not been completely intimidated by the Internationale and are limiting the number and duration of temporary immigrants.  This is by far wiser than the European and American policy of importing not workers, but populations, and then hoping that some of the immigrants will work.  It also appears that high-skilled labor is not part of the Japanese immigration plan, but are restricting it to low-end manual labor and household help for the elderly.

But the threat remains from international cultural Marxists who want to change Japan.  One hopes the Japanese take up this challenge with their samurai spirit and ethno-nationalism. Ganbate Kudasai Nippon! The eyes of America's patriots turn to you.  A wiser policy would encourage marriage and child rearing among one's own people rather than importing what will be in the end only problem stained immigrants.  Population control, despite its endorsement by 3rd tier anthropology professors, is the death of one's nation.

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