Saturday, April 12, 2014

More Accusations Of Racism On Cue From Chinese Gangster

Or, more precisely, his Red Diaper attorney, Tony Serra.  The only defense that  Kwok Cheung, also known as Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, is avoiding the issue of the crimes he committed.  The best distraction is of course an accusation of racism, which is the equivalent of a guilty plea.

SFGate by Bob Egelko April 8, 2014
FBI Entrapped Raymond 'Shrimp Boy' Chow, Lawyer Says
As state Sen. Leland Yee and his codefendants pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of political corruption, gun-running and other crimes financed by payoffs from undercover agents, a lawyer for one defendant accused the FBI of entrapment and racism.
"The government created the crime, the government financed the crime, and the government ensnared my client," Tony Serra, lawyer for Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, told reporters after 21 defendants were arraigned in federal court. "We will put the government rightfully on trial..."  
The investigation was fueled, he contended, by "unadulterated racism," an effort to show that "Chinese gangsters ... control Chinatown."

Serra is confident in victory, but that is unlikely.  Serra for all his bluster and reputation, is notorious for losing cases.

"It's a bunch of baloney," Serra said, calling the impending trial "the best antigovernment case I've seen in maybe a decade."

More likely is that Chow will make another plea deal with the government, just as he did when he testified against his predecessor in the Wo Hop To Triad, Peter Chong. Chow also is the beneficiary of the gangland slaying of Allen Leung, reputed leader of the Hung Moon Ghee Kong Tong, a traditional anti-Manchu Chinese social organization that provides a respectable front for Triad gangsters.

The Press Democrat/Associate Press March 28, 2014
FBI Sting Shows San Francisco Chinatown Underworld
The organization is among dozens of active tongs, or family associations, in Chinatown, and Chow assumed control when its former president, Allen Leung, was shot to death by a masked gunman at his import-export store in 2006, said David Lee, director of the Chinese American Voters Education Committee.

Given Serra's bad lawyering, expect Shrimp Boy to rat again.  Shrimp Boy is a survivor, he survived the infamous Golden Dragon Massacre, expect him to tell all on Leland Yee.  The only question is will Shrimp Boy ever be deported.

To paraphrase Peter Brimelow, as a prosecutor, you know you are winning when the defense attorney makes accusations of racism.

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