Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Obama Regime Training Vigilante Squads On College Campuses

But those vigilante squads are not to identify and arrest illegal aliens, but intervene in what the vigilantes "feel" is rape.

Bloomberg Business Week April 29, 2014 by Claire Suddath
The White House Cracks Down on College Sexual Assault as Tufts Refuses to Comply
Now the Obama administration has issued new guidelines to force schools to handle sexual assault on their campuses: They must conduct anonymous surveys about sexual assaults, make sure that reported crimes remain confidential, and adopt more comprehensive education programs that train bystanders to intervene if they witness something they feel is wrong. 

So, unqualified lesbian activists will be patrolling frat parties to "rescue" comely young coeds who they think are being "raped?"  What legal authority will they have?  Will they have any immunity from civil suit if they do something illegal themselves, like molest the comely young coeds they are trying to rescue?  Will they be armed like George Zimmerman?  From where is their authority derived if they are not on Federal property? What law authorizes these vigilantes, or are these the Obama Regime Administrative Vigilante Squads?  Inquiring minds want to know the details about this authority these vigilantes will be exercising.  

But more importantly, will the Obama Regime be giving similar authority to Americans who want to arrest illegal aliens?  

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