Monday, June 2, 2014

Federale Welcomes Mississippi Rebel

This blogger would like to welcome to the blogosphere Mississippi Rebel who is the tip of the spear against the re-election of C- Average Numbers USA Thad Cochran, RINO-Mississippi, and will be the Southern blogger to watch in the future.  I hope he becomes a source and voice on the immigration issue in the heart of the Old Confederacy.

Monday June 2, 2014 by Mississippi Rebel
Thad Cochran’s Unanswered Questions
If Thad Cochran wins tomorrow, all of the questions that he has avoided during the primary will continue to fester in the general election. And when the answers finally do come out, Travis Childers and the Democrats will reap the rewards.
Does Cochran actually own a home in Mississippi?
Who paid for the building in Washington where he “rents an apartment”?
Why has Kay Webber, his executive assistant, hosted Democratic fundraisers in the same building where Cochran lives?

Read the whole thing.

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