Sunday, August 10, 2014

People Of The Gun Gunning For Your Freedom

People of the Gun don't like to be called gun nuts.  They say it is demeaning.  However, the People of the Gun are on a jihad against Christianity and freedom of association, and irony of ironies, just a few blog posts after claiming that freedom of speech is guaranteed by gun ownership.  It appears that People of the Gun, e.g. gun nuts just don't get it.  They think they can sacrifice the First Amendment to the race hustlers, jihadis, and immigrants with the hope that the gun nuts get eaten by the crocodile last.  Something this blog has warned about repeatedly about, remember, lots of people of the gun did not back up George Zimmerman when he had the temerity to shot Obama's son.

The Truth About Guns August 7, 2014 by Dan Zimmerman
Achtung! Ve Haff Rules At Shooting Clubs Here In Deutschland!
“Germany’s shooting clubs pride themselves on being bastions of tradition, with many tracing their roots to the early 19th century and the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars. Members don traditional uniforms to practice their marksman skills.” Another tradition they practice (although apparently not as rigorously as they used to) is restricting membership to Christians. Mithat Gedik, a German of Turkish ancestry, did after all, manage to gain membership. The problem came when he had the effrontery to win his local gun club’s Schuetzenkoenig championship title...
After what Reuters describes as “national outrage” ensued, the National Association of Historic German Shooting Brotherhoods, the national umbrella organization, did a quick 180, goose-stepped up the the nearest microphone und announced that Gedik could, in fact, keep the title he’d won fair and square.

Of course, it is, shall we say,  chutzpah, that the people who whine when someone says "gun nuts" turns around and implies that Germans are genetically predisposed to genocide and goose stepping. That is all in good humor apparently.  Clearly Zimmerman's Teutunophobia is showing.  One wonders about the source of this irrational hatred and contempt for the German people, especially given his blog's concern with those who demean gun owners.

But while the gun nuts are thinking that the racial grievance industry and immigrants will allow them to remain once they take power, we know that is but delusion.  One cannot buy peace with the race hustlers, and gun nuts need to learn this.

Here is some bad news for those of the rainbow gun nuts nation and Zimmerman, who might be a little light in the loafers.  Also, the fact that homosexuals voted for Obama in overwhelming numbers:

National Journal September 26, 2014 by Ronald Brownstein
Stark Divide Between Blacks, Whites on Gun Control and Health Care
On gun violence, the United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll found broad public support that transcended racial, and in most cases partisan, lines for an all-of-the-above approach that included ideas traditionally favored by both the Left and the Right. Majorities of those surveyed said each of six approaches tested "would have a serious impact in reducing mass shootings."
But minorities embraced all of the ideas even more emphatically than whites, with the gap especially pronounced on initiatives topping the priority list for gun-control advocates. While whites split fairly closely on whether banning assault weapons could seriously reduce mass shootings (53 percent said yes, while 45 percent said no), minorities were unequivocal: 68 percent thought a ban would help, while only 29 percent disagreed. Just 47 percent of whites, compared with 67 percent of nonwhites, thought that limiting the size of ammunition clips would help. (While half of whites thought such limits would not have much impact, only one-third of minorities agreed.) There was broader agreement on the value of "background checks for all legal gun transfers, including those between private individuals," but minorities were particularly enthusiastic: Fully 84 percent of them said it would have an impact, while 72 percent of whites agreed.

Read and weep gun nuts.  Immigrants and non-whites support gun control.  And they vote consistently for Democrat candidates like Obama and Hillary.  If there is not freedom of association, then there will be no freedom to own a firearm.  Time for gun nuts to get on the band wagon for immigration control as Gun Owners Of America has, and to realize that freedom of association and Christianity unpin the American ideal of ordered liberty bequeathed by our Founding Fathers, white Christian heterosexual slave owners that they were.

Here, by the way, is what Muslims do with guns:

You might think that particular Turk, Mithat Gedik, is a good Muslim.  Think again about the Turks:

This is what Turks do with guns.  Ask any Armenian, well, not any Armenian...

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