Sunday, September 7, 2014

Gun Nuts And NRO Agree: Blacks Have A Right To Riot

It appears that black riots have more supporters among whites other than those from the Revolutionary Communist Party.  It appears that some gun nuts and NRO's resident illegal alien Kevin Williamson are up for giving it to the man, and by the man, they mean whitey.

First, he on whom this writer has declared kanly.

NRO August 22, 2014 by Kevin Williamson
The Wane of Government by Consent
The mathematics of civil disobedience has always been pretty straightforward: As Mohandas Gandhi pointed out to the raj, 100,000 government officials cannot control 350 million citizens if the citizens do not cooperate. There are not enough police in St. Louis County to control the people who do not wish to be controlled by the police in St. Louis County, as least as currently constituted. There are two ways to govern: By consent or by terror. In the United States, we govern by consent.

I guess there were no elections in Ferguson or St. Louis County?  Clearly not.  One gets the government one votes for and the blacks of Ferguson appear content with white governance.  Not voting in a secure democratic society where one's vote counts, e.g. anywhere but Chicago or the Rio Grande Valley, is an act of consent, as things must be good enough not to vote.

But what Williamson really means is, well one is not really certain, but it appears that he means laws are enforced with the consent of the community being policed.

The problem being that blacks are more heavily policed than whites because blacks commit many times more crime than whites.  In white communities, the police are not an occupying army, but the expression of opinion of the whites in the community that laws must be enforced for their own protection, generally from blacks, but also from Hispanics and the small white criminal community.

What Williamson is endorsing here is that blacks cannot and should not be held to generally acceptable standards of behavior, such as not dealing drugs, not committing strong-armed robbery, not raping, not murdering, and not assaulting police officers.  It appears that Williamson wants separate and unequal standards for policing black communities and crime.

This is an ongoing fantasy held by libertarians and the radical left; blacks are oppressed by the white man's law, especially on the issue of drugs.

But in the end, it is not the white laws and the white police that blacks object to so much, its that blacks want to riot and steal stuff. That was the theme in Ferguson, with protests nothing more than cover for looting that the black State Police Captain allowed to occur.  Its in their nature to riot and steal.  When whites get shot by the police, the first reaction of most white people is WTF did he, and it is almost always a he, do to get shot by the 5-0.

For Williamson, the riots in Ferguson were a libertarian fantasy of an uprising against the State, but like the gun nuts, white people generally do not rise up against the State, though perhaps whites should be given the kid glove treatment black rioters and Michael Brown's black co-conspirator, Dorian Johnson received.

Williamson wants to connect the rioting and looting by blacks in Ferguson with the American Revolution, but the American Revolution was not about looting stores, that was something our Founding Fathers would have objected to, as they opposed the mob and democracy.  They wanted a Christian Republic, not looting and arson. But for Williamson, stealing from white business owners is what the American Revolution was all about.  I guess he thinks the blacks of Ferguson will vote for tax cuts if we let them loot the local market.

Blacks withdraw their consent of the governed and some free stuff from da liqua' store.

The same appears to be the position of gun nuts.  They appear to be mimicking the political strategy of Fourth Comintern, a United Front with black looters and rioters against Asian shop owners, or something.

Gun Nuts Sticking It To The Man
Knuckledraggin My Life Away August 11, 2014 by Ken Lane
Thoughts On The (Latest) Riots
As unhappy as people are with the police militarization and brutality (even middle class folks) had the rioters kept their shit in the streets or attacked policemen, laid siege to or even attacked police stations in the city, the backing they would’ve gotten from middle America would’ve been huge, especially if the cops retaliated with excessive force as they are prone to do. It could’ve went nationwide and the population would have had the cops on the defensive. Heads would’ve rolled and it may very well have been the spark that ignited a popular and much needed revolution.

One does not know what to say when faced with such ignorance.  White people never sympathize with black rioters, whether they are burning down white or Asian businesses or attacking cops. Clearly Lane and Williamson have a problem not just with cops, but with the white people as well.

There clearly is a problem when gun nuts and the libertarian crowd wants to riot and kill cops and shop owners.  But it appears both have some problem with the historic American nation who want nothing to do with black criminals and their complaints about having to obey the white man's laws against stealing, looting, and arson, not to mention punching out cops.

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