Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another Illegal Alien Motorcycle Gangbanger

Another apparently alien motorcycle gang leader has been undone by his penchant for videoing his criminal exploits.  This activity is quite the attraction for aliens, legal or illegal.

LA Times October 30, 2014
A motorcyclist may have turned out to be the best eyewitness in the case of a group of riders caught on videotape shooing and taunting a California Highway Patrol officer in the Bay Area.
Unfortunately for the camera-wielding motorcyclist, he was also one of the principal taunters, police said. 
CHP investigators on Thursday announced that they arrested Guruardas Singh Khalsa after receiving tips and tracking some of the videos he had posted online on his personal accounts, Officer Ross Lee told The Times...

The officer tried to stop the riders in the pack, but they ignored him and eventually shooed him away. The video shows the riders celebrating after the officer rides for safety.
Authorities say they are still looking for the other riders and plan to continue their investigation into the video.
It appears that the illegal alien contempt for Federal law enforcement is rubbing off on other agencies. We don't know if Khalsa is illegal but he certainly is or was an alien.

More surprising though is the failure of the CHP motor officer to cowboy up.  20 years ago, no self-respecting motor officer, as they are the elite of the CHP, would have backed down to a motorcycle gang.  But then 20 years ago every CHP in the Golden Gate Division would have responded to his radio call for back up and every single one of those motorcycle thugs would have been treated like a king, Rodney King.  40 years ago those thugs would have been praying they were treated like Rodney King.

How the CHP has fallen, like Rodney Dangerfield, they get no respect anymore.  Once they were respected and feared by the criminal class.  An old retired Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy once told me the story of a fight he was losing with a drunk driver he had stopped back in the late 60s. Suddenly out of no where two CHiPs showed up, beat the drunk driver to within an inch of his life, then drove off while the deputy was recovering from the fight he had been losing.  He never found out who those CHiPs were, but in those days contempt of cop was a serious crime that was dealt with unofficially but severely, now they call it the Broken Windows Theory, back then it was keeping the scum in line, the Chicago Way.

There was no shooing of the CHP in the good old days.  Just as there was shushing in Kaos.

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