Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Treasonous Chinese Immigrant Supports Terrorist War For Secession

A Chinese immigrant, or more accurately the descendant of Chinese immigrants, has met with the Communist government of China as part of a proposed terrorist war on the United States for the secession of Hawaii and its occupation by Chinese troops.

Washington Free Beacon February 10, 2015 by Bill Gertz
Hawaiian Independence Movement Attracts Chinese Interest
HONOLULU—China has suggested arming Hawaii’s independence activists in retaliation for U.S. arms sales to Taiwan and recently threatened to challenge American sovereignty by making legal claims to the Pacific islands as its territory.
Chinese threats to back several groups of Hawaiian independence activists who want to restore the islands’ constitutional monarchy, ousted in a U.S.-backed coup over a century ago, has raised concerns that military facilities on the strategic central Pacific archipelago are threatened at a time when the Obama administration is engaged in a major shift toward Asia as part of its military and diplomatic rebalance.

Behind the sedition and treason are not the primitive tribes of Polynesian descent who originally inhabited the Sandwich Islands but the descendants of Chinese immigrants.

Leon Siu, a Hawaiian-born musician who holds the title of foreign minister of the Hawaiian Kingdom, one of the groups seeking independence, says U.S. military facilities on the islands are contrary to the original monarchy’s neutrality.
“First of all we’re not native Hawaiians. We’re Hawaiian nationals and we see our country as a lawful, independent country, and we’re working to restore that,” Siu said in an interview. “The bottom line is we want our country back.”

"Siu" is one of the traditional 100 names in China.  But more importantly, it is symptomatic of the treason of immigrants and their descendants, like Nidal Hasan or Chinese immigrants like Wen Ho Lee.  Immigration has its costs, and a war with China over Hawaii may be one of those costs.

Also of interest is why Siu has not been arrested and Charged by the Obama Regime with treason and sedition?  Because Obama is sympathetic to Chinese rule over Hawaii.  He just hates whites and what we built in Hawaii.

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