Thursday, May 14, 2015

Freddie Gray And The End Of Policing Black Crime

My latest up on VDare:

The Freddie Gray Fiasco And The Coming End of Policing, Federale, VDare, May 11, 2015
The case against the officers involved in the arrest of the late Freddie Gray of Baltimore is already collapsing. Lawyers for the six officers charged (three of whom are African-American) identify the openly admitted political motivations of State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby and her conflict of interest as wife of Councilman Nick Mosby (email him)as compelling reasons to remove her from the case [Officers in Freddie Gray case move to dismiss charges, by Justin Fenton, Baltimore Sun, May 8, 2015]. The charges filed against the officers are filled with errors because of Mosby’s haste to seize the political spotlight instead of undertaking a proper investigation [Police charges in Freddie Gray case are incompetent at best, by Page Croyder, Baltimore Sun, May 5, 2015]. The arrest documents for some of the officers were even filled out with the wrong names [Freddie Gray arrest documents drawn up for wrong people, by Justin Fenton, Baltimore Sun, May 4, 2015]...

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