Thursday, May 21, 2015

Minority Occupation Government Hunting The Great White Defendant

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Minority Occupation Government Hunts For Great White Defendant, Ignores Muslims
Just days before the attack on Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders by Muslim terrorists, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a joint bulletin warning of the danger of “domestic terrorism” along the lines of the Oklahoma City bombing [DHS-FBI Bulletin: Twenty Years After Oklahoma City Bombing, Domestic Extremism Remains a Persistent Threat, April 19, 2015]. Even as Muslim terrorism becomes the new normal in the West and the Islamic State gains ground abroad, there’s disturbing evidence American law enforcement seems determined to ignore Islamic terrorism in favor of the more Politically Correct cause of hunting the Great White Defendant.

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Anonymous said...

Read your article over on Vdare.

Yes the Feds are on the lookout for the great white defendant. But more than that they're really out to find the great white revolutionary group.

The haters at the $PLC have convinced federal law enforcement (LE) that white revolutionaries are out there building and waiting for an opening to spring into action, especially against blacks, browns, homosexuals.

The $PLC disseminates their propaganda from stem to stern within FLETC and associated agencies via training and propaganda toilet paper (The Intelligence Report). That "literature" spreads the myth of threats from militias, the Klan, and other so called hate groups.

Looking for the great white revolutionary group is a fools search and the $PLC haters know it. They use this fear to drive million$ into their already overflowing pockets.

I recall only two armed and dangerous white revolutionary groups in the last fifty years. One was The Order that sought to establish a white homeland in the Northwest, and the other was the Charles Manson Family. The Family tried to provoke a race war. This small group of some ten to fifteen members, mostly five foot nothing white girls struck fear in LA over a period of several years. They were not shy at engaging cops in shootouts, pulling jail escapes or threatening judges and prosecutors. The worst of the Family went to the pen for life on murder raps. The FBI assassinated the leader of The Order.

But that's it folks. The chuckle my associates and I had among ourselves was, "If you want to get to known an FBI agent, go to a Klan meeting."

By the way, hiring by the pound referred to the women over in building 94 at FLETC.

There was another saying as well at FLETC that had a lot of truth to it about sending graduates out untrained: "A badge, a gun, and a 71, and out the gate."