Saturday, June 6, 2015

More Proof Legal And Illegal Aliens Voting

Another study is in showing that aliens, both legal and illegal, are registering and voting in American elections.  While in some small jurisdictions, legal permanent residents may vote in local elections, for the most part it is illegal for all aliens to either register to vote or vote.

The Daily Signal June 2, 2015 by Hans Von Spakovsky
Poll Shows Noncitizens Can Shape Elections
A poll by John McLaughlin confirms again we may have a significant problem with noncitizens participating illegally in our elections. Based on a sample survey of 800 Hispanics in 2013, McLaughlin found that of foreign-born respondents who were registered voters, 13 percent admitted they were not United States citizens...
In 2014, a study released by three professors at Old Dominion University and George Mason University, based on survey data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study, estimated 6.4 percent of noncitizens voted illegally in the 2008 presidential election and 2.2 percent voted in the 2010 midterm congressional elections.

This should come as no surprise given that the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton want illegals to vote or oppose efforts to secure the ballot box from fraud.

One problem with this story is that use of the vague term "noncitizens."  Not only is it missing a hyphen, but why not just use the correct term, "alien" or "illegal alien."  There's been a war on the term "illegal alien," but recent events show that it is the most correct legal term as well as being the most common usage to describe non-citizens who are not nationals of the United States, those American nationals born on American Samoa and the Swains Islands, who are not U.S. citizens.

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