Sunday, August 23, 2015

Treason Bar And Corporate America War On American Chefs

There's another job out there that American's won't do, well at least at slave wages, chef.  Despite all the rage of chef shows on TV, in fact there are cable channels dedicated to cooking, much of it geared to the new professional chef, the Treason Bar and corporate America think that grilling some beef or chicken is "culturally acquired knowledge," rather than a skill set learned at culinary training institutes common in the United States.  Just as the H-1B visa is a dagger used to fire and replace American high tech workers, corporate traitors are replacing semi-skilled labor, chefs, a skill learned in a year or less at a culinary institute, with cheaper aliens.

Dallas Business Journal August 11, 2015 by Korri Kezar
Fogo de Chao Files Second Lawsuit After Immigration Services Deny Visa For Brazilian Chef
Fogo de Chao (Nasdaq: FOGO) is serving immigration authorities a new lawsuit accusing U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of Homeland Security of illegally denying visas to Brazilian-born chefs.
The Dallas company, which runs more than two dozen Brazilian steakhouses, across the country and in Brazil, filed a lawsuit against U.S. immigration authorities last year after they denied L-1B visa applications for two Brazilian citizens. Fogo de Chao wanted to bring two Brazilian chefs, or gauchos, to the U.S. to work in American Fogo restaurants, arguing that they had “culturally acquired knowledge” that is “an essential part of Fogo’s business model.”

A business model like Chipotle's?  Hire aliens to crank out cheap food? Or Chuy's, another chain with "culturally acquired knowledge?"  Replacing American workers with aliens is a business model, but not authorized by any visa program.

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