Wednesday, September 23, 2015

More "I Can't Breathe" Lies

There's another case of a mentally ill black thug who committed suicide by cop in the news. James Brown, a Sergeant in the United States Army, was serving a seven-day sentence for driving while intoxicated in the El Paso County jail and had a mental breakdown concurrently with a medical emergency.  A bad combination, jail, mental breakdown, and medical emergency. Generally something like this results in nothing good for the inmate. Also of interest is that if Brown had been white, he would have been bounced out of the Army for a DUI, but he wasn't, even with a history of mental illness, called here Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Of course, no one with a mental illness should be in the military or around firearms. Crazy does not mix with guns.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is a predominately, but not exclusively Hispanic department in a predominately Hispanic county, but the current sheriff is white, with the cadre of deputy sheriff's predominately Hispanic.  The commander of the jail system is Hispanic, Marco Vargas.

Again, for the record, just as in the "I can't breathe" lies from the case of Eric Garner,  if you can talk, you are, in fact, breathing.  The basics of the issue are Brown's mental breakdown, as yet unidentified injury, Brown's refusal to cooperate with medical treatment, the use of force, and the campaign by leftists to protect black criminals.

Brown's PTSD begs the question, why was he still in the military?  He represented an obvious danger to himself and others, combined with an access to firearms and one wonders why a mentally ill soldier was allowed to remain in the Army.  Even more so in that there was a mental illness, but not necessarily PTSD, but more likely some other disorder common to the black criminal class.  And it is obvious that Brown was the beneficiary of disparate treatment, in his favor, in that he was not discharged for the combination of mental illness and a criminal conviction.  The military quickly discharges white heterosexual soldiers with such problems, but coddles minorities and homosexuals, like Bradley Manning, with severe mental illnesses.

While the mentally ill and the military are not a good match, nor are jails or prisons.  But Brown never claimed at his trial that he was innocent based on mental illness and was duly convicted.  He reported for his sentence, but while in solitary confinement because of his self-reported PTSD, he had some sort of breakdown, and was found in his cell bleeding and simultaneously smearing his cell with blood.  This suggests either a mental breakdown. The video clearly shows a deputy attempting to convince Brown to cooperate with medical treatment, but for some reason, Brown does not. Whether than was because of a mental illness or he was playing for the ghetto lottery, we do not know, nor will we.  We will though get the endless stories about his innocence and uprightness, despite a body covered with tattoos, just as with Eric Garner, Tony Robinson, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Tamir Rice.  All those were lies, and expect the same for Brown, but in this case this writer hopes to collapse "The Narrative" before it gets out.

One of the most dangerous jobs in law enforcement is cell extraction.  This is where a combative and uncooperative inmate, as Brown was, has to be removed from his cell.  And in Brown's case, five deputies were required to subdue him.

The video narrative is, as typical with the press, lies, claiming that Brown did not resist.  Just as the cell extraction team, a specially equipped and trained team of deputies used in such cases, moves in, Brown removes his shirt, a common behavior practice of the violent.  And he does not meekly surrender, but fights the officers.  He is subdued and carried out of the cell, and placed in a special chair to control his ability to move.

Such chairs are commonly used and safe for the inmate.  Furthermore, Brown is wildly shouting that he can't breathe and is choking on his blood.  But, again, if you can't breathe, you can't shout that you can't breathe.  The credulousness of the reporters is astounding, clearly no one is so stupid as to believe that a man shouting he can't breathe over a period of time really can't breathe has an agenda other than the truth, which is clearly an attack on white and white Hispanic law enforcement officers for the purpose of ending arrest and imprisonment of black criminals.

Later, the overweight Brown, like Eric Garner, goes into medical distress, but the report admits that Brown died from sickle-cell crisis, unrelated to either his mental breakdown, refusal to cooperate with the deputies seeking to assist him, or related to the force need to subdue him.  It also doesn't explain the smearing of blood on the cell door.  This may have been an unfortunate combination of sickle-cell crisis, mental illness, and an attempt at the ghetto lottery.  Sad, but in the end, Brown, like Garner, Martin, Rice, and Robinson, died because of decisions they made to fight the police or attack a citizen in the street.

"The Narrative" is predictable and the collapse of "The Narrative" is as predictable.

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