Saturday, January 30, 2016

Feds Soon To Arrest Chinese Anchor Baby Mayor

The Communist kleptocrat mayor of San Francisco, the noxious Ed Lee, appears about to be arrested for, surprise, public corruption.  Thanks to immigration, the United States has imported a criminal class, our own version of "naked officials," distinct and more pernicious than our only known native criminal class, Congress, a criminal class that originates in China and is truely "China's Sorrow." The Yellow River and its oft changing course is traditionally described as China's Sorrow, and its changes in course have killed millions, but  venial officials are its real sorrow, known for bleeding China dry.  And that problem with corrupt Chinese officials is now a major problem in America. Not surprising, Red Ed Lee is a supporter of illegal immigration, using the city government to protect illegal aliens and is the anchor baby to an illegal alien, Gok Suey Lee, who immigrated to the United States under an assumed identity, using a common Chinese immigration fraud scheme known as "paper son," where payments were made to a Chinese merchant legally in the United States to claim the intended illegal alien as a dependent child, paving the way for legal immigration.

Now the United States is paying the price, again, of Chinese immigration.  And it's all related to the most notorious Chinese immigrant gangster in San Francisco, Kwok Cheung Chow, AKA Shrimp Boy, AKA Raymond Chow.  [Mayor Lee At Center Of New Details Of Bribery Allegations, By Jonah Owen Lamb, San Francisco Examiner, January 26, 2016]  And we have a nice intersection #CrimingWhileBlack and immigration, which even in almost racially cleansed San Francisco, is not surprising.  Perhaps Paul Kersey will have to write a book about black corruption in San Francisco. Call it Black Baghdad By The Bay.  Feel free to use the title Paul!  The black connection are Keith Jackson and Zula Jones, two of the few blacks left in San Francisco, and other parts of the Bay Area, all thanks to Sergi Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs.  Thanks guys!

New details about the bribery charges against three former San Francisco political operatives emerged Tuesday, shedding new light on the pay-to-play scheme that allegedly benefited Mayor Ed Lee and served to funnel money to help clear his campaign debt.
The details sprang from the Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow organized crime case, according to documents filed Tuesday morning and transcripts of FBI wiretaps released in August.
Former school board president Keith Jackson, former Human Rights Commissioner Nazly Mohajer and former Human Rights Commission staffer Zula Jones were all charged with bribery and money laundering by the District Attorney’s Office last week. The charges also include using false names to make campaign contributions in the names of others.
FBI wiretaps from the Chow case recorded Mohajer and Jones arranging illicit payments to the mayor’scampaign.
“I am very confident that our campaign had nothing to do with the allegations that were presented,” Lee told the San Francisco Examiner on Tuesday. “As you recall, a federal judge reviewed the allegations that were made by defense attorneys in the Shrimp Boy case … [and] found that we were clean on this and were operating very cleanly.”

The charges, which include additional misdemeanor corruptions counts against Jackson, came from an ongoing political corruption investigation launched by the DA’s office.
When the DA’s office announced the charges last week, it did not reveal from where the charges stemmed and mentioned little about the allegations, due to a federal judge’s protective order.

Keith Jackson with Shrimp Boy

 Comrade Ed Lee, Zula Jones, and suspected Iranian immigrant and agent Nazly Mohajer

As John Derbyshire has pointed out this week, intersectionality is the all the rage on the left.  What we have here is the intersectionality of black crime, corrupt immigrants, illegal aliens, and the war on the historic American nation.  Donald Trump, or Ted Cruz, have their work cut out for them.

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