Sunday, February 21, 2016

Campaign By Alien And Alienated Against America

In the no surprise department, the tech industry and their Jewish, Indian, Homosexual, and Tranny leaders are supporting the fight by Apple, and Apple's homosexual leader, Tim Cook, to defy a lawful warrant from a U.S. Magistrate to cooperate with the search of an Apple iPhone.  All to protect a Muslim terrorist killer, Syed Rizwan Farook.  This is a coalition of outsiders and America haters that the tech industry is notorious for. [Tech Industry Slowly Rallies Behind Apple In iPhone Fight, by Jessica Guynn, February 20, 2016]

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, was the first head of a major tech company to side with Apple, saying in a series of tweets on Wednesday that "forcing companies to enable hacking could compromise users’ privacy" and would set a "troubling precedent..." 
Facebook followed with more forceful language on Thursday, warning of a "chilling precedent" and pledging to "fight aggressively" against government efforts to "weaken the security" of consumer tech products. 
CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted Twitter's support, later on Thursday: "We stand with  @tim_cook and Apple (and thank him for his leadership)!"

Of course, it is all based on lies.  The U.S. Magistrate has not ordered Apple to change their operating system, but just to disable security features on a single phone, issued on an All Writs Warrant based on probable cause.  But they continue their lies about mythical "backdoors."

On Wednesday, Microsoft's president and chief legal officer Brad Smith tweeted a link to a trade group statement, saying "essential to have broad public discussion on these important issues." Late Thursday Smith tweeted the link again and made a stronger statement: "In a world where we need to keep both the public safe and privacy rights secure, backdoors take us backwards."

Tellingly, Pichai, the CEO of Google, is an Indian immigrant, and has no understanding or love of America. Like most Indians from Tamil Nadu, he was raised on anti-American propoganda from the Congress Party and the various Indian communist parties that dominate politics in that low IQ southern Indian state.

Tim Cook is, of course, a homosexual, who has a deep and abiding hatred of the 98% of Americans who find anal intercourse between two men and the other perversions associated with homosexuality abhorrent.  He's angry that Americans reject his mental illness, so he wants to see as many normal Americans killed, like those who were killed in San Bernardino by Sayed Farook.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is also a notorious hater. As a Jew, he has always seen himself as an eternal outsider and acts the part to hilt. He hates Americans because they won't work for him for slave wages.  He openly wants to replace his American workforce with Indian and Chinese H-1B visa holders, who offer a compliant workforce at low wages.  No wonder he needs an armed security force to protect him.  And he's apparently a jack-ass, hogging parking in his neighborhood, pissing his neighbors off in his parking tight part of San Francisco.

Twitter and its Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey is another case.  He's a notorious Cultural Marxist, with a crazy tranny on his management staff.  He has also recently began a campaign to suppress freedom on speech on Twitter, targeting conservatives like Robert Stacy McCain and Milo Yiannopoulos.

Not coincidentally, the terrorist in question, Syed Rizwan Farook, is the son of immigrants from the Indian subcontinent, as un-acculturated as Pichai.  Both Farook and Pichai suckled at the teat of anti-Americanism either in India or in a South Asian family and in Indo-Pakistani mosques.  More interesting is that Muslim terrorists are responsible for the death of millions of Indian Hindus and are the most anti-Semitic group in the world.  So why Zuck and Pichai pander to Islam in this case is strange. The only explanation is they consider themselves above the law, and more importantly, not part of the community, but something separate from the rest of America, which is the most likely explanation.

Furthermore their attitude to homosexuals like Tim Cook are murderous.  But for Cultural Marxists, the near enemy, America and Americans, is always their target.  Their mental illnesses keep them from realizing that Islam will be their death, but then homosexuality in particular is a suicidal death cult, with many of their sexual fantasies involving rape, humiliation, torture, and murder. Consequently, Islam is right up their alley, so to speak.  And with all their personal security, they clearly see themselves as not susceptible to Muslim terrorism, or so they think.

From a professional standpoint though, a security team of 16 spread over three 8 hour shifts is not much to a determined assassin.  So Zuck and his ilk are much more vulnerable than they think.  They think they're the smartest people, but outside their narrow area of expertise, not that bright. Zuckerberg's home in the Dolores Heights area of San Francisco, has no set-back or blast fence, what security professionals describe as the first layer of physical security, so the favorite tactic of Islamists, the car bomb or suicide bomber, can easily hit Zuck's new home.  If the next Syed Rizwan Farook plan the next ISIS attack on an iPhone, cosmic justice will be served.  Zuck is also infamous for wandering the streets without a protective detail, so a simple assault like Farook's on the San Bernardino County office will be easily accomplished by the next Islamic State attack team if they decided to target Zuck. Also, Zuck appears to be hiring the bottom of the barrel for security, including a possible illegal alien, which is very common in the security guard business. So, where Zuck is trying to save pennies, he is being pound foolish.

The tech industry seems to attract the alienated, in every definition, from our society; immature self-proclaimed outsiders with no love or sense of community beyond their own visions, perversions, hatreds, and mental illnesses. They must not be above the law, and need to be held accountable.  One hopes that Trump's 45% tariff on Chinese goods hits Apple good and hard.  They deserve it for allying themselves with radical Islam, and driving their manufacturing employees to suicide.

Zuck Mansion
A Security Nightmare Indefensible Against Suicide Attack


Avraham said...

I am not pro Islam at all. I see them as very bad. And I am not alone.

Anonymous said...

I am not pro Muslim. I think Islam is very evil.