Saturday, April 2, 2016

Another Death Blow To The Rainbow Coalition

Another Asian is dead in the ongoing war blacks are waging on Asians in San Francisco.  While the black population of Baghdad by the Bay, a term that was once an allusion to decadence in San Francisco, but is in fact a metaphor for the violence that blacks are waging on other races, especially Asians, though not on the scale of the violence in the real Baghdad.  Consequently, the Rainbow Coalition is falling apart.  And the latest incident is particularly brutal, Paul Tam, an Anglo-Chinese tourist in San Francisco's Japantown, was brutally murdered by two blacks.

Race War Victim Paul Tam

Police in San Francisco have released footage of the “brutal” murder of a 44-year-old Briton who was assaulted in a street robbery. 
Paul Tam was walking with his niece on the evening of 18 February when he was attacked with a weapon in the Japantown neighbourhood. 
The former website manager at the University of Manchester was critically injured. He died on Thursday. 
A spokeswoman for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “We can confirm the death of a British national on 24 March in San Francisco and we are providing consular assistance to the family at this difficult time.” 
CCTV footage of the incident shows Mr Tam fleeing from a hooded assailant into the middle of the road, before he is chased around an oncoming car. He is then knocked to the ground by the offender, who makes off on foot with Mr Tam’s bag. 
Police said they were releasing the video evidence that “captured the brutal murder” in a bid to trace the male offender and a female suspect following the robbery at 8.30pm in Post Street, between Franklin Street and Gough Street.

[San Francisco Police Release Footage Of Briton’s ‘Brutal’ Murder, The Guardian, March 26, 2016]

The good Cultural Marxists are in denial about the ongoing race war being waged by blacks, and the local press is covering for black crime.  Note how The Guardian, an English newspaper identifies the suspects:

The suspects are described as a black adult male, 5ft 10in, of heavy build and last seen wearing a dark hoodie and blue jeans; and a black adult female, 5ft 4in, with long dreadlocks or braids up in a ponytail.

And how the largest newspaper in San Francisco, the SF Chronicle, describes the killers by disappearing the black part of black crime:

Police have yet to make an arrest in the stabbing, which is now being investigated as a homicide. The suspected killer was described as being in his 30s or 40s and his female accomplice is in her late 20s. 
[British Tourist Stabbed In The Head During SF Mugging Dies, By Hamed Aleaziz, San Francisco Chronicle, March 26, 2016]

You can contact the very Muslim Hamed Aleaziz here and inquire why he is covering up black crime.

San Francisco is in the midst of a crime wave, and the area where Tam was killed, just outside of Japantown, is the Cathedral Heights neighborhood, which is generally free of crime, except for that that comes from the five black dominated housing projects within a one mile radius.  While the tech boom has caused one bedroom apartments in the neighborhood go for $2,500.00 to $3,000.00 a month, and condominiums are in the $1 million range, generally moving blacks out, they maintain a hold in San Francisco through old-fashioned housing projects where they venture out with murder and robbery in mind, which the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) under the administration of illegal alien Mayor Ed Lee, refuse to deal with because the local Democrat machine only cares about blacks as victims of the SFPD.  There is no concern about the massive black crime wave.  Blacks in California are only 6% of the population, but commit 16% of the crime.

It looks like Donald Trump can jujitsu Asians out of the Democrat coalition if he tries.

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