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Is Kevin Williamson a Pedophile?

National Review’s resident illegal alien (in India) is at it again.  Kevin Williamson, with whom this writer has crossed swords, is snarking his way through the illegal immigration issue again.  As in the past, it is hard to tell if Williamson is against illegal immigration or just against those who are against illegal aliens, to wit, Donald Trump or his supporters.  National Review has a longstanding jihad against Trump for daring to reform the 1980 Reagan Coalition and waring against Conservatism, Inc., cucks, and RINOs.  Williamson and the National Review are at least two of those three, with RINO also a strong possibility given their support for Paul Ryan’s hapless surrender to Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi of late.

Williamson, the proverbial one-trick-pony, all he has is snark, is a well-known wet on the issue of illegal immigration.  Ostensibly he is against illegal immigration, but when push comes to shove, it is the issue he jettisons in short order. And quite snarkily.  And always from the left.  [Texas, Jobs, and Immigrants, Kevin Williamson, NRO, October 7, 2011]

Did immigrants really fill 81 percent of the new jobs in Texas over recent years? The Texas Public Policy Foundation has doubts, and their arguments are mostly persuasive. I do not expect this to put a damper on Mitt Romney’s gap-toothed Pat Buchanan act (“Help! The Mexicans are taking over the women’s studies department at the University of Texas! Somebody call Black Jack Pershing!”) but that’s politics, I suppose.

I addressed his snarkish slander of Pershing in a post on VDare, but left unmentioned Williamson’s apparent support for Women’s Studies, either manned, shall we say, by Mexicanas or Norte Americanas, apparently American can’t supply crazed Social Justice Warrior lesbians, they must be replaced by illegals as well according to Williamson.

Continuing with the leftist snark that is his poor replacement for wit, Williamson claimed support for a border fence, but his leftist snark concerning the border exposed his cuckservatism.  [Building a Fence, Kevin Williamson, NRO, September 23, 2011]

Fencing the actual Texas-Mexico border is impractical, since the border is in the middle of a river. But I do think it would be possible to establish a border zone with an inland barrier, with the understanding that there’s going to be some zig-zagging involved. If you have been a very, very good rattlesnake, this is where you go when you die.

Along with the snark, there was the serious problem with facts and the law that Williamson had.  He just didn’t know immigration law or policy, something this writer has a bug about generally, but Williamson is a particularly egregious violator.  When defending Rick Perry’s support for illegal immigration in the 2012 primaries, Williamson described himself as “agnostic” on the issue of in-State tuition for illegal aliens.  Williamson’s defense of Perry’s support for the policy of rewarding illegal aliens was that Texas made a cost-benefit analysis of the issue, and that was that.  No criticism of Perry was allowed, as the issue was “complicated.”  In the issue of illegal immigration, there is no “complicated.” There is only Federal statute prohibiting illegal immigration, Title 8 of the United States Code, Section 1325, Improper Entry By An Alien, with Title 8 United States Code, Section 1324, Bringing In and Harboring Certain Aliens, prohibits aiding and abetting illegal aliens, while Title 8 United States Code Section 1324a, Unlawful Employment of Aliens, prohibits any employer, including an employer in the State of Texas from hiring any illegal aliens, including graduates of Texas institutions of higher learning, or any other Texas school.

Which brings us to Williamson’s most recently venture into immigration law and policy, and his inability to hold back his contempt for the rubes on the right who are concerned about the issue, especially given recent failings on screening legal immigrants resulting in the San Bernardino Massacre.  [Visa Vulnerability, Kevin Williamson, NRO, January 3, 2016]  Here Williamson rails about visa overstays, but can’t resist a dig at the rubes and “Trumpkins” whom he thinks don’t know that over half of illegal aliens enter the United States with a visa.

An interesting related report comes from the New York Times. Don’t try explaining it to a Trumpkin, but the largest source of illegal immigration into these United States today isn’t farmhands marching stoically across our unsecured southern border, but visitors who enter legally on visas and then refuse to go home when their visas expire. This cohort by some estimates now accounts for more than half of all illegal immigration. But how many overstays are there?

Now, since Williamson like to name call and quibble over minutia, let the games begin. First, the statistics on the two contributing factors on the illegal immigration population, those who overstay the period of admission given them after inspection and admission by an immigration officer, and Entry Without Inspection (EWI) e.g. entering the United States by any means without inspection by an immigration officer, are rather new and developing issues.  But Williamson is more interested in attacking Trump supporters and other “rubes.”  For the uninitiated, “inspection and admission” is the process by which a duly authorized and trained immigration officer, in most cases a Customs and Border Protection Officer, employed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at a Port-of-Entry (POE), a place designated by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as the place where an alien presents himself for inspection, inspects an arriving alien and determines if said alien is admissible to the United States or is inadmissible.  Those who are admissible are allowed to enter the United States for a particular legal purpose and those inadmissible are removed or placed in removal proceedings.  An alien may arrive at a land, sea, or airport POE.

Aliens applying for admission may or may not have a visa, so it is incorrect to attribute the problem to “visa overstays” as many aliens are not required to have a visa. Canadians, Western Europeans, Japanese, Singaporeans, and Koreans, among others don’t require a visa for non-immigrant purposes generally related to tourism and business.  So Williamson is wrong on the “visa” overstay issue, as many overstays don’t have or are required visas.

In fact, those who deal with the issue have noticed that the percentages of illegal immigration by overstaying after inspection and admission. As of 2013 the estimate of overstays was approximately 40% of illegal alien population.  In a mere two years, that estimate has increased to approximately 60%, with some dispute as to when the switch came.  The point being that for most Americans, not just rubes and “Trumpkins,” not without reason may believe that EWIs are the majority of illegal aliens.  But reducing “complex” issues to pejoratives as part of the anti-Trump jihad and snark is the Williamson Way, as is playing fast and loose with the facts, or just being pig ignorant of the complexities of immigration law. And it is not too hard to see that Williamson doesn’t really care about illegal immigration, just attacking Americans who care about the illegal immigration issue.  No doubt part of National Review’s Rubio boosterism.

In an interesting aside related to his integrity, Williamson, the confessed illegal alien, also admits that he has certain problems when crossing the Mexican border back into the United States.

I have many times crossed the U.S.–Mexico border on foot, and each time I am selected for “random” additional screening. (You’d think that after the 18th or 19th “random” screening, even a committed addict would learn that they are going to inspect his Tony Lamas for weed.)

Note to Williamson, there’s no such thing as a random secondary inspection upon entry to the United States.  Clearly besides being an illegal alien, he had some run ins with Johnnie Law and gotten himself in the Treasury Enforcement Telecommunications System (TECS) and Interagency Border Inspection System (IBIS) systems.  Now, you don’t get in this system by accident, sometimes you get in the system for political reasons as happened to James O’Keefe, after he entered the United States without inspection after wading across the Rio Grande in an Osama Bin-Laden costume. But why is there a TECS look-out on Williamson? Inquiring minds want to know?  Juvenile hijinks, drug use, child pornography, previous smuggling attempts, assisting spies like Julian Assange or the tranny Bradley Manning?   This writer doesn’t know, but is very curious.

Pervy Looking Kevin Williamson

Would you trust your children with this man considering ICE SVU is looking at him?

For some reason ICE SVU might be very interested in Williamson, and it ain't alien smuggling, as they're out of the immigration enforcement business, but are very, very, interested in child pornography and pedophiles.  I just don't know.  Perhaps he's just a hack in the pay of Red China and the Chamber of Commerce, or just a self-hating white, sort of a full-blooded version of Barack Hussein Obama, who hates his white side.  But you don't get in TECS for that, especially given his support for the America hating terrorist supporter, homosexual Tim Cook.

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