Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Another Chinese Immigrant Spy Arrested

Another immigrant Red Chinese spy has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). From Wen Ho Lee to Edward Lin, Chinese immigrants, and by this one means any Han Chinese, including those born outside Chinese are considered easy recruitment targets.  Easy because Chinese outside of China do not consider themselves anything but Chinese.  China is not a proposition nation, it is a people who have loyalties to one another than do not know boundaries of nationality or distance. 

An FBI employee has been arrested in New York for allegedly lying about secret work for Chinese businessmen and government officials, according to charging documents filed in the case unsealed today.
Kun Shan "Joey" Chun pleaded guilty in federal court today to one count of illegally acting as an agent of a foreign government. He had been working for the FBI's New York field office as an electronics technician since 1997. He was quietly arrested in March after his own office sent an undercover agent to meet with him and record their conversations, according to the charging documents...
Chun was born in China in 1969 and became a U.S. citizen in 1985, according to court documents.
[FBI Employee Arrested for Allegedly Acting as Secret Chinese Agent, by Mike Levine,  ABC News, August 1, 2016]

This should come as no surprise, as the intelligence organs of the Red China depend on ethnic Chinese as the source of their espionage success.  The Chinese generally don't venture out of Chinese ethnics and those with close ties to Chinese ethnics.  Unlike the formidable Soviet intelligence services, who after some early successes with Russian ethnics and ideological communists in teh early days, soon transitioned to a more wide ranging recruitment strategy that they develop into a very successful system.  The Soviets relied on using money and blackmail to gain intelligence.  The Chinese however rely on one tried and true source of spies, Overseas Chinese:

The most challenging part of how China spies on the United States is that Beijing’s modus operandi relies overwhelmingly on co-nationals. Chinese intelligence agencies seldom stray far from working with ethnic kin and Beijing-related spy cases here that do not involve ethnic Chinese are very much an exception. Even when non-Chinese are involved, there is usually someone tied to Beijing by ethnicity somewhere in the operation.
For instance, in 2014 Benjamin Bishop, a 60-year-old former army lieutenant colonel and a defense contractor at U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii, pleaded guilty to passing classified national defense information to an unauthorized person—his Chinese girlfriend. He met the 27-year-old woman, studying in America on a student visa, at a conference and the two began a romantic relationship. Soon Mr. Bishop was looking for classified materials she wanted and among the secrets he passed her was information about war plans, missile defense and nuclear weapons. This seems to have been a classic case of sexual entrapment, what counterspies term a honey-trap. Mr. Bishop received a seven-year sentence for his crimes. 
[The Unpleasant Truth About Chinese Espionage, by John Schinder, The Observator, April 22, 2016]

However, this makes Chinese spies singularly vulnerable, but American counter-intelligence ignores the obvious, and doesn't target its counter-intelligence efforts at those with Chinese origins or Chinese connections.  This is another case of not using racial profiling, a legal and effective technique, because of political pressure, an insipid ideology multiculturalism, and cult of accusations of racism. The Chinese espionage problem can easily be solved, all it would take is cutting of most Chinese immigration and targeting of those Chinese in sensitive positions in the government and defense industry.  Something unlikely to happen under Hillary Clinton, with her close connections, since forgotten by most, to Chinese immigrants acting as agents for the Chinese government, even going so far as to allow a Chinese general to rent out the Lincoln Bedroom and allow missile technology to be sold to Red China.  And the Lying Press claims that Trump is China's favorite in the Presidential election! Who, as Secretary of State did nothing to thwart the Chinese takeover of the South China Sea?

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