Sunday, August 28, 2016

ICE SVU Jumps The Shark

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) has outdone itself recently.  It has decided to investigate the hack of the Tumbler account of the racist and very ugly Leslie Jones, the black affirmative action addition to the female version of Ghostbusters.  The remake was a massive dud.  Note that Tumblr is a notorious pornography site.  Undoubtedly, the hideous Jones has some sort of mental issue if she is posting pornography to Tumbler, and only posted her very personal pornographic photographs there in hopes that a leak would be good for her career, especially given that the movie was bombing. 

And the only result of the very bad movie was the purging by Twitter and the notorious homosexual Jack Dorsey of the internet phenom Milo Yiannopoulos, commonly known as Nero, and Breitbart Tech editor.  Yiannopoulos was known for his trolling of leftists and fighting back on the lies from feminists and Islamists.

For some reason, the New York office of ICE SVU has decided to open a case on the Jones hack, despite there being no Federal criminal nexus to posting the poorly protected nude photos of oneself.

The hack of Leslie Jones‘ iCloud account is being investigated by Homeland Security, TheWrap has learned.
“ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in New York does currently have an open investigation,” the Department of Homeland Security told us on Thursday. “As a matter of agency policy, we are unable to disclose any information related to an active investigation.”
And that may not be the only government group hot on the case. Earlier this morning, TMZ reported that the FBI was “developing a strategy for tracking down” Jones’ hacker.
[Leslie Jones Hack Case Being Investigated by Homeland Security, by Tony Maglio, Houston Chronicle, August 25, 2016]

One would think that ICE SVU has better things to do than being Hollywood's bitch, but I forget myself.  Given the over 600,000 illegal aliens in New York State, one would think ICE SVU had plenty of work in the area of immigration law enforcement, but apparently ICE SVU still wants to be the sex police of America.

Given that the ICE SVU Special Agent-in-Charge is a Puerto Rican immigrant, we can understand that Angel M. Melendez does not want to enforce immigration laws against his fellow "Hispanics" and would prefer the titillation of pornography investigations involving ugly celebrities.

Give Melendez a call and ask him why he is wasting ICE SVU resources on an investigation with no customs or immigration nexus.

601 W. 26th Street 7th Floor
New York, NY, 10001
Phone: (646) 230-3200
Fax: (646) 230-3255

I for one would be interested in his rationale.  Especially given that illegal aliens in New York City are so prevalent in certain industries.

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Anonymous said...

"Give Melendez a call and ask him why he is wasting ICE SVU resources on an investigation with no customs or immigration nexus."

Wasting resources on things with no customs and immigration nexus is the point, of course, but I'll do it just to be cheeky.

Good God, these people need to be prosecuted, if only to give a Trump administration leverage to hang these traitors by their petards.