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ICE SVU v. FBI On White Slavery

White slavery, not the real white slavery as practiced by Islam, but the rebranded modern version of the fictional terror, similar to demon rum, of the interstate trade in white women for the purpose of prostitution brought to the fore by the Progressives, read proto-Cultural Marxists, such as Woodrow Wilson, and sworn enemies of the Constitution, the Mann Act, is in the news again.  It goes by a new name though, sex trafficking or human trafficking.  Like the lies surrounding the Mann Act, that tens of thousands of good girls were kidnapped and forced into prostitution, the new sex trafficking scare, a systematic and widespread kidnapping and impressment of young girls into interstate prostitution.

However, the reality of the problem is that it is just the world's oldest profession tarted up by an unholy coalition of feminists, blue stockings, and illegal alien advocates.  The reality is that most prostitutes, male or female, start out as teen-aged runaways, pimped out by their parents, or are trollops who prefer to work on their back.  While there is systematic violence by pimps involved, most of those victims are adult women who work the down-scale end of the prostitution continuum. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is in on the hype.  Typical of them, the Bureau is not involved because of the importance of the crime of prostitution, but for the public relations good will it earns with the press and the dollars it doles out to local police departments and Sheriff's Offices during the annual sweeps it participates in, usually about this time of year.

Operation Cross Country is an annual nationwide effort to combat underage human trafficking. 
This year's was the 10th and largest version of the FBI-led initiative, which was conducted in 106 cities across the U.S. and, for the first time, in several countries around the world. Those countries include Canada, Cambodia, the Philippines and Thailand.
[FBI's Annual Operation Cross Country Rescues Kids From Sex Trade, by Elizabeth Campbell, News4Jax, October 18, 2016] 

Considering that breathless claim, now look at the results of Operation Cross Check in Jacksonville:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A 16-year-old was rescued and 27 adult prostitutes were arrested as part of the FBI's Operation Cross Country X, which was conducted Oct. 13-15 in Jacksonville and Pensacola.
Three pimps and their associates were also arrested, the FBI's Jacksonville division announced Tuesday.  The teen recovered in the local operation was in Pensacola.

So for all the sound and fury, the FBI and the local law enforcement agencies involved, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the  Escambia County Sheriff's Office, the Pensacola Police Department, the Gulf Breeze Police Department, the Panama City Police Department and the Panama City Beach Police Department, managed to conduct a routine vice squad operation, arresting a few pimps and finding a grand total of 1 exploited minor, described as a teen. As the age of that teen was not give, I am betting the late teens, which means a runaway or an emancipated minor doing the only work she wants to do, working on her back.

Even more interesting, there appears to be no national or interstate component of this crime:

Among the 82 juveniles recovered in the U.S. were two sisters in Milwaukee, ages 16 and 17, who told authorities that their mother was their pimp. The girls said their mother also rented out their brother’s room to a man who was a registered sex offender.

So, two teenagers pimped out by their mother had to be rescued by the FBI.  Where were the local police during the past year?  Is the Milwaukee Police Department like the San Francisco Police Department, generally ignoring prostitution completely most of the year?  

Not to be out done, the great rival to the FBI, ICE SVU, the moniker for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit, also known as Homeland Security Investigations, is in on the sex police game.  And note that they are not scouring cities like San Francisco for illegal alien prostitutes, as behoves them since they are Immigration and Customs Enforcement, they are searching for kiddy porn and peodophiles.

A 42-year-old Oswego man has been convicted of traveling to Aurora and paying for a sexual encounter with a child in connection to a 2014 sting operation involving Aurora police and Homeland Security investigators.
[Oswego Man Guilty Of Paying For Sexual Encounter With Child, by Hannah Leon, Aurora Beacon-News, October 18, 2016]


DENVER — An Ohio man has been convicted of exchanging pornographic texts with a 14-year-old Colorado girl.
Rande Brian Isabella, 59, of Hubbard, Ohio, was convicted of one count of coercion and enticement of a minor and one count of attempted production of child pornography. Isabella was convicted in federal court October 7 following a two-week jury trial. He was acquitted of two similar charges.
According to court documents, Isabella communicated with the victim by phone and online between September and December 2013. He lied about his age and repeatedly asked for pictures of her as their conversations became increasingly sexual, according to prosecutors. Eventually, the victim sent him a naked picture of herself. He then told her he was her boyfriend, and asked her to stay with him if he came to Colorado. He sent her a photo of his genitalia, and asked her to send one in return. The girl sent more pictures, some sexual in nature.
Eventually, the girl’s mom found her phone and discovered the conversations. She called police, and Homeland Security Investigations began an investigation.
[Ohio Man Found Guilty Of Exchanging Pornographic Texts With 14-Year-Old Colorado Girl, by Angela Case, Fox 21 News, October 18, 2016]

And no case of sex trafficking or human trafficking is complete without the illegal alien angle.  But here the human trafficking is just a new name for alien smuggling, something the alleged victims were actually co-conspirators in the commission of the actual crime, illegal entry, Title 8 United States Code, Section 1325, Improper Entry By An Alien.

Everything changed. It was nothing they promised me. I was supposed to work in a hotel, but they said they only had jobs in a DVD manufacturing company. I didn't have any other options, because I had borrowed so much money to pay the $4,000 I needed to come here.
[The five of us working together] were making so little money because of all the deductions. They were deducting for visa extensions, housing, transportation to move us from Kansas City to Huntsville. They put three of us in a one-bedroom apartment with three tiny beds and made us each pay the employer $300 a month. But the employer was only paying $400 a month for the apartment. They told us if we left, they would call immigration and we'd be sent back home. They told us we needed them to extend our work visas to stay legally. They told us they knew where our families lived and they'd go after them.
[Call For Action From A Survivor Of Trafficking, by Eleanor Klibanoff, National Public Radio, October 18, 2016]

Notice the dates of the stories, all October 18, 2016.  Clearly a contrived PR stunt and planted stories in the press, with no discernment or independent investigation by the reporters.  They just repeated prepared talking points.  Did Klibanoff bother to delve into the claims by the illegal aliens involved? Is she so credulous that she takes everything at face value?  These illegals knew they would not be getting high paying jobs.  They just decided to change from willing accomplice to their own crime, to that of manufactured victim.  

And all given to us by ICE SVU, wasting millions investigating crimes that a local police department should be enforcing, while aiding and abetting alien smuggling, as well as rewarding the illegal aliens who conspired to break the law by smuggling themselves into the United States.  And for the record, ICE SVU's actions aren't a bug, it's a feature, and of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

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