Sunday, November 20, 2016

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Yes, who wants to be a millionaire?  Most people.  The lure of filthy lucre is universal. And there is a fantastic opportunity for some people.  Unfortunately for most, the this particular opportunity is not available to most, but unlike the Nigerian Prince scam, this chance at millions of dollars is real, very real.  However, it is only open to a privileged few.  It is open to a few people currently or formerly employed by institutions of higher learning throughout the United States.  The method of obtaining this fantastic wealth will be described in detail, but I will use a specific example, but the specifics are applicable to any State system of higher learning, or any private college or university, such as Yale, Harvard, or any less example.  But it is only open to those insiders who have access to real information at such institutions that violate Title 8 United States Code Section 1324.  For those who are following, I am writing an informal series on what President Donald J. Trump can do to effect real change in the area of immigration law enforcement here at Federale and VDare.

And you can be a millionaire thanks to the Republican government of the Union government of 1861 to 1865, the same government that gave us strong tariffs.  The back story is that the same industrialists who supported a strong tariff, like Alexander Hamilton, were also thieving scum when it came to the provisioning of the expeditionary force that exterminated the Second American Revolution.

During the war, unscrupulous contractors sold the Union Army decrepit horses and mules in ill health, faulty rifles and ammunition, and rancid rations and provisions, among other unscrupulous actions.  In response, Congress passed the False Claims Act on March 2, 1863, 12 Stat. 696. Because it was passed under the administration of President Abraham Lincoln, the False Claims Act is often referred to as the "Lincoln Law".
[False Claims Act (FCA), Wikipedia, September 1, 2016]

Basically, anyone who defrauds the Federal government is not only guilty of a criminal offense, but a civil offense as well.  The Federal government can prosecute offenders criminally, or it may file a claim against those offenders and recover just monetary damages in a civil proceeding.  And in the case of the FCA, the damages are based on a fine for each offense, up to $14,000.00 per specific act, and up to three times the actual loss to the government.

The problem is that the resources of the Department of Justice are limited.  There are only so many Assistant United States Attorneys in each United States Attorney's Office and Trial Attorneys at Main Justice.  There is much more fraud than can be investigated, prosecuted, and damages recovered. However, the Republicans of the period involving the late unpleasantness during the War Between The States had a solution.  Allow individuals with information to come before a Federal judge and act in the stead of the Attorney General.

This is called the qui tam provision of the FCA; qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur, meaning "who sues in this matter for the king as well as for himself. And up to 30% of any loss or settlement with the government.

And, to use a particular set of circumstances, in this case the ongoing criminal activity by the University of California (UC) system headed by President of the University of California Janet Napolitano, the relator in a qui tam lawsuit under the FCA will be the potential winner of millions of dollars given the widespread fraud committed by the UC system, administrators, and executives.  As this writer pointed out, the State of California and the UC system is engaged in ongoing criminal activity in violation of Title 8 United States Code Section 1324.  But besides being an ongoing criminal conspiracy, those acts by President Napolitano and her subordinates are also a civil fraud directed against the United States, specifically against the Department of State (DOS), which administers and receives fees for visa applications, including student visa applications (F-1 non-immigrant visas issued for the purpose of study at an accredited school, college, or university.)  The fee for each visa is $160.00.  For the thousands of illegal aliens admitted to the UC system, as well as the California State University (CSU) system and the California Community College system (CCC), the Federal government has been denied those fees.  The State of California, UC, CSU, and CCC are liable as institutions, as well as Janet Napolitano and Governor Jerry Brown who are liable individually for the loss to the Federal government.

Now, to become the millionaire who wins this lottery, you have to be an insider at one or more of the institutions involved.  A relator, the individual who brings a qui tam lawsuit under the FCA must have not a mere allegation or information available to the government, but specific information and generally that means a disgruntled insider in the bureaucracy of an offending institution, either corporate or governmental.  In this case it means someone at any of the UC campuses, the central administrative offices, or the office of the Governor.  It can be a minor functionary or an important bureaucrat.  But they must have unique information, such as emails, documents, or even testimony, such as President Napolitano told me that she wants illegal aliens to attend UC, or  Na'ilah Suad Nasir, current Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion, sent me an email saying that illegal aliens are being admitted and assisted by my subordinates in the Undocumented Student Program.

I am certain that there is a disgruntled employee somewhere in the UC system, perhaps a clerk that is rudely treated by Meng So at the Undocumented Student Program, or a secretary brow beat by an arrogant administrator in the Educational Opportunity Program, or any other bureaucrat with a grudge and some emails or documents that expose the criminals who are aiding and abetting illegal aliens at the UC system, the CSU system, or the CCC system.

It will worth millions to you.  And you can keep your job.  The FCA requires qui tam lawsuits to be filed under seal and once the case is settle, as it most likely will be, you will be a millionaire, and protected by Whistleblower protection laws.  So, you get the millions and you can keep your generous pay, healthcare, vision, and dental programs, and laugh all the way to the bank.

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