Tuesday, December 13, 2016

California Doubles Down On Treason

The State of California has doubled down on defiance of Federal immigration law.  They are not content to stay within the Constitution, but will be directly interfering with enforcement of Federal law by Federal agents, as well as violating Federal statutes that require compliance with immigration detainers.  Currently two Mexican members of the California legislature, Kevin De Leon and Ricardo Lara, himself an anchor baby and from the corrupt Mexican city of Bell Gardens have introduced legislation to prohibit any cooperation with Federal agents enforcing immigration laws and to prohibit building the border wall.

California would create "safe zones" prohibiting immigration enforcement on public schools, hospital and courthouse grounds under a new bill by state Senate leader Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) that is sure to clash with the tough enforcement plans of President-elect Donald Trump.
By also proposing to bar state and local law enforcement from enforcing immigration laws, De León is doubling down on the issue at a time when Trump has threatened to withhold federal funding from “sanctuary cities” that refuse to help federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.
“To the millions of undocumented residents pursuing and contributing to the California Dream, the state of California will be your wall of justice should the incoming administration adopt an inhumane and over-reaching mass-deportation policy,” De León said in a statement Wednesday.
[California Considers Prohibiting Immigration Enforcement At Public Schools And Hospitals, by Patrick McGreevy, LAT, December 7, 2016]


In a challenge to President-elect Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall at the Mexico border, a California lawmaker said Monday he is introducing a bill that would require the project to first be approved by the state’s voters.
State Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) said the legislation is one of three proposals he is introducing as a package called Fight For California. Another bill would prohibit state agencies from providing federal entities with information for purposes of compiling a so-called Muslim registry, another Trump proposal.
“We’re not going to allow a wall that harms our environment and our economy,” Lara said in a statement. 
[California Legislation Challenges Trump's Proposals For A Border Wall And Registration Of Muslim Immigrants, by Patrick McGreevy, LAT December 5, 2016]

California has no authority to restrict the enforcement of Federal law by Federal agents.  This is a serious challenge to the Constitution, and more importantly, a direct challenge to President-Elect Trump.  Both these legislators are laying down a marker and daring Trump, Department of Homeland Security Secretary-Designate John Kelly, and Attorney General-Designate Jeff Sessions to do anything about it.  

A Mini Operation Wetback was proposed before this additional challenge to the President-Elect, but given the seriousness of this defiance of Federal law, criminality, and seditious behavior, a more vigorous response is necessary.

Secretary-Designate Kelly will have extraordinary powers once confirmed in office.  One of those authorities is setting what the Obama Regime called "enforcement priorities."  General Kelly should take that to heart and establish his own enforcement priority, and it should be targeting California for immigration enforcement throughout the State, but with a special concentration in those jurisdictions in open defiance of Federal law.  Mayors like Bill Lee of San Francisco and Gil Garcetti of Los Angeles are openly defying immigration laws, and they are not the only ones, cities and counties like Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, and Santa Clara to name a few, are also engaged not just refusing to cooperate with Federal agents, but actively aid, abet, and assist illegal aliens to remain in the United States in violation of Title 8 United States Code, Section 1324, Harboring Certain Aliens.

While the enforcement arms of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice cannot arrest De Leon and Lara for their legislative actions in support of illegal aliens and in defiance of the Constitution, the State of California, the defiant cities and counties, as well as their employees can be held both civilly and criminally responsible not only for the laws and policies themselves, but for any action to enforce those policies or in support of illegal aliens.

But more importantly, General Flynn can do something more important, he can defy the defiers and order massive and ongoing enforcement of immigration laws.  As Secretary, he can immediately deploy large numbers of enforcement personnel, such as Border Patrol Agents, Special Agents, Deportation Officers, Immigration Enforcement Agents, and Customs and Border Protection Officers to move to California and begin large scale enforcement actions.  Immediate targets can be illegal aliens who foolishly provided their personal details to DHS in the DACA program and when obtaining driver's licenses from the State of California.  The DHS records are immediately available and the driver's license records can be obtained by an administrative subpoena or by search warrant. Furthermore, General Flynn can order immediate raids on California Department of Motor Vehicle offices that process ongoing applications by illegal aliens.  Furthermore, the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration hold records that expose illegal aliens, their homes, and work places to immediate arrest; President Trump could order the IRS Commissioner and the SSA Administrator to provide that information to DHS.  General Flynn can even use some "enforcement priority" ju-jitsu by concentrating raids and public arrests in high profile violation areas, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento.  He can instruct those actions to avoid the more Republican counties so as to not anger the agricultural Slave Power, but just strike at companies that are big supporters of amnesty and Democrats.  President Trump can also order the State Department to stop issuing H-1B visas to big Democrat donors like Facebook, Google, and Apple.  

General Kelly should also order Border Patrol Agents to publically begin patrols in neighborhoods in San Francisco, like the Mission District, and Los Angeles.  Mass panic among illegal aliens will occur when marked Border Patrol units begin cruising Mission Street in San Francisco, raiding the bodegas, restaurants, sweat shops, and discount stores that line that street.  Furthermore, DHS can target the border counties of San Bernardino and San Diego that are home to large numbers of illegal aliens and where DHS border enforcement infrastructure is already in place and available to begin interior enforcement.

While Lara and De Leon can't be arrested, that is not so for Governor Jerry Brown, University of California President Janet Napolitano, and other major and minor California officials.  In conjunction with the Department of Justice and the FBI, DHS can being a different sweep, this time of government officials like Ed Lee, hauling them into court on criminal charges of aiding illegal aliens. And there is nothing that the Cultural Marxists can do about that.  They have already established the principle that the government is free to establish its enforcement priorities as it sees fit.  And California just placed a big enforcement priorities target on its proverbial back.  

Time for soon to be President Trump, AG Sessions, and Secretary Kelly to settle this fight the Chicago Way, they defy the law, you put them in jail.

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