Friday, January 20, 2017

Deportations Are Coming, And It's Going To Be Very Public, and Very Beautiful

Despite widespread claims that there will only be a crackdown on criminal aliens, the Los Angeles Times is predicting an across the board crackdown on illegal aliens.

Aides are clearing the way for President-elect Donald Trump to take the first steps toward transforming the immigration system as soon as he takes office Friday, fulfilling a major campaign pledge while deepening the fears of immigration advocates about what’s to come.
Gone will be the temporary protections of the final Obama years for people in the country illegally. In their place, expect to see images on the evening news of workplace raids as Trump sends a message that he is wasting no time on his promised crackdown.

[As Soon As He Is Inaugurated, Trump Will Move To Clamp Down On Immigration, by Brian Bennett, LAT, January 19, 2017]

And it involves all aspects of illegal immigration, from criminal aliens, to asylum fraud, to absconders, and employment raids.

In addition to the high-profile raids, Trump will also widen the range of people singled out for deportation, focusing on those with criminal convictions, and he could move immediately to reduce the number of refugees allowed into the U.S., according to interviews with immigration advocates and with people familiar with his plans.
He may also limit who can come into the country as a security measure, making good on a sweeping vow to stop immigrants “from any nation that has been compromised by terrorism...”
Other changes will unfold more slowly but are designed to have wide-ranging effects. People who have committed even minor crimes are expected to be deported, along with about 800,000 people who were ordered removed but may still be in the U.S.

Even the problem with Expedited Removal, the so-called credible fear fraud will be addressed. It is as if someone, Kris Kobach, reads VDare.

More immigration agents will be sent to local jails to look for violators, prosecutions of immigration violations will increase, and fewer people will be eligible to request protection in the U.S. as the definition of what constitutes a “credible fear” of returning home probably will be narrowed.

And it will be initiated in hours:

Trump’s transition team has planned a “very robust few weeks” of executive actions on immigration, energy policy, crime and combating terrorism, Spicer told reporters Wednesday. He said Trump will sign “four or five” executive orders within hours of taking the oath of office Friday and plans additional actions Monday.

One hopes that this wailing from the LAT is true.  If so, it will be yuge and beautiful!

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